Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is the first video by silverdollarsunlimited. It is ahmaze. He is my bf. By the way.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Twin Peaks! How I love you so. Twin Peaks has to be the best thing to watch whilst knitting/crafting. But only if you have seen the whole thing before. That is what I have been doing over the past few nights. Drinking tea, knitting and watching Laura, Bob and Agent Dale Cooper play out the mysteries of Twin Peaks. I have so many favorite characters. Bob the freak night time man. Dale Cooper the quirky FBI agent. Laura the cryptic good girl-gone bad, Andy the county cop who cries all the time, Lucy the Sheriff's secretary who cannot keep a secret and lets not forget The Log Lady or Nadine who totes an eyepatch!

On another note, the past few weeks have felt very dull and depressing. Mainly because of not being able to find a new job. But this week (well since Saturday really) has been so so great. I cannot describe how good I have been feeling! Even before the job hunt debacle I was fine and happy, but it is as if I have found a new happy! I think forcing myself to be social as much as possible, and just being (half) unemployed has given me a new lease on life! And although I have not been studying (bad girl), I now know I have the time, and will be getting on top of that tomorrow and Thursday.

Anyway, enough of my positive can-do attitude, before I make you all vomit. I'm off to knit, drink jasmine tea and watch some Twin Peaks.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Today seems to be a really exceptionally good day. Who knows why, but the clouds have shifted and the sun is shining in my heart/head (not literally, and not in Melbourne either, it was very rainy and gloomy today).  I had one of those experiences where you go "bugger it, I am going to stop looking for work for a bit and just enjoy the now!" and guess what? I received an email back from a job that I wanted, which now seems promising, and got an Interview lined up for ANOTHER job! All in one day. 

I also got many many responses about poor Noodle the cat, and lots of people are interested in adopting her, which is also very promising and making me very happy that she will be going to a loving home, and our other kitty Blanket will be able to once again run free in our little flat.

I also had lunch with Clara of R&t and coffee with Robecca (who just learnt how to hyper-link!) of Sans Pareil! So, today, thank you very much. I love you. 

Embroidery pictured by Joetta Maue

Friday, May 20, 2011


Oh my gosh. Whilst Googling away for an image of 'Bob' from Twin Peaks to trace/transfer/embroider, I found THIS print! It is called 'Walk With Bob' and it is by an artist named Tim Biskup. I really want to attempt to stitch this, but not really sure how to begin!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today a lovely girl by the name of Katherine Helen came into Mikes. She makes a zine called Apple Cart , which is FREE, and she dropped off a bunch of them for us to give away! It is really cute, and filled with emerging Melbourne artist's work. So, GO YOU miss Katherine! Any great artists out there that want their work in this great little zine, contact her via the blog!


Hola.  Newcomers Struggletown Sweat Shop are having a market this Saturday 21st of May. Yall should all go and check out the lovely things they will have there. Two nice ladies I know are having a stall there, and they make really nice stuff.

So wander on down with coffee in hand and see Clara of R&t Knits and Robecca of Sans Pareil and gawk at their amazingness. I will also be there fluffing about, crying because I cannot make any purchases due to temporary unemployment. Maybe I will beg people for their crafts. Or offer to mind their stalls while they wee.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Oh my. It happened. He put a mighty ring on it! How exciting! This is my brand new, custom designed engagement ring by Zachary Frankel Jewelry! Joe and I went out for a celebratory Japanese dinner, and then to the Builders Arms with some pals to see Wintercoats (who was INCREDIBLE) and Time Shield aka Faux Pas (who was also ace), and overall it was an awesome evening. So THANK YOU Joe Hubbard my husband to be, (cheese alert..) I love you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have decided to come out of the closet, and admit that I really like taxidermy based artwork. Now, don't get me wrong, I love animals, especially kitties as some readers may already know. But when artists like Julia DeVille and Polly Morgan get their mits on a (sadly) deceased animal, they make magic. And as far as I know, both artists only take animals that have been donated to them or found already deceased by them. In fact Julia DeVill is a vegan, which makes me feel a little more comfortable!

Ever since I discovered the two artists I have been repressing my feelings of love toward their work. Now it is time to apologise to them, and come out of the closet. So, ladies, SORRY. I love what you do and I'm not afraid to say it!

1. Polly Morgan
2. Julia DeVille
3. Julia DeVille

Thursday, May 05, 2011


My friend Molly Dyson is a really good drawer. These are some pretty things she drew. You can visit her blog over here. It is a nice and colorful and cute blog. I am excited to be drinking Rekorderlig ciders with her after work today.


Things I really want but can't afford. Boooo.

Frames from here
Knit from here
Cape from here
Oxfords from here

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Last night whilst watching Underbelly on the telly, I began a very small scale text embroidery. I finished it quite quickly and did not have the clearest vision to begin another one, so today I have been scouring the internet looking for stitching inspiration.

I found this lovely lady by the name of Emma Seymour. Above are some of her ahhhmahhzing embroideries, in the works. Look at those HANDS! Insane. She also has a write up here for those of you who would like to know more about her.


Over Easter, Joe and I went to visit his parents in Olinda (near the Dandenong Ranges), and after the giving of multiple chocolate eggs and many blocks of Greens Chocolate from Joe's mum Maggie, Joe's dad David got out his 1964 Pentax Spotmatic SLR camera, which he then lent to me! I was so overly stoked. I had been wanting to get back into analog photography (high school style!) for ages, but was a little worried about spending money on a camera and film and then realising that I was crap all along.

So this was a bit of a saviour. I bought some 35mm (400) film, which was cheaper than I expected and had a massive battle with the light metre. Finding batteries that fit, to replace the original mercury batteries was a bit of a mission, but I think I have worked it out now!

I am yet to get my film developed, as the place I was going to drop it into is closing down in 5 days and has no developing facilities! So I fear I may have to take my first roll of film to a REAL photo shop, and have them laugh in my face when all my photographs come out black!

Maybe on Saturday I will get the courage to do it. Another friend of mine named Freya has just got her hands on an old Canon SLR as well as a Lomo camera, AND a bunch of expired film. She very nicely gave me an expired roll of 35mm (100) film, so if a sunny day comes about any time soon, I will need to click click click away on the clunky Pentax, and hopefully get some nice grainy photos.

Monday, May 02, 2011


The chipped grey polish of my fingers
The skin slowly stripping beneath the nail bed

Cracking lips from constant tonguing and procrastination
Mild rose hued blemishes faintly dot my jawline

The dull ache of a jaw clenched too long
The dry grit following every blink

Constant wandering mind that cannot, will not settle
Feline scratches from finger to elbow, a constant reminder

The three point saviour of a class
The shocking truth of these circumstances

Missing sleep, and calm and comfort
Most of all, missing me


This is me. On the job hunt. Which is proving to be MUCH harder than I anticipated. I am currently working two jobs (Meet Me At Mikes & my shitty Chemist job) to support myself whilst I am studying. But alas, trading is slow at Meet Me At Mikes and I need to find a new source of income.

I have been applying for jobs for nearly three weeks now, everything from retail to (wait for it, I know...) call centres and NOTHING! ZIP! ZERO call backs. I am beginning to think that 5+ years of retail experience is not enough to get me a decent (or not so decent) job in this day and age. What the hell? That is what I want to know. What the friggen hell?

And unfortunately the stresses of job hunting, and not having enough time (or concentration) to study, has been evident in my recent assignment grade. I am too ashamed to give any more details on this, as I was doing SO well before this job hunt debacle reared it's ugly head. So today is a bad day for me, and as I am in the shop alone with no one to vent to, it is appearing here, on my beloved blog. Booo.