Monday, May 02, 2011


This is me. On the job hunt. Which is proving to be MUCH harder than I anticipated. I am currently working two jobs (Meet Me At Mikes & my shitty Chemist job) to support myself whilst I am studying. But alas, trading is slow at Meet Me At Mikes and I need to find a new source of income.

I have been applying for jobs for nearly three weeks now, everything from retail to (wait for it, I know...) call centres and NOTHING! ZIP! ZERO call backs. I am beginning to think that 5+ years of retail experience is not enough to get me a decent (or not so decent) job in this day and age. What the hell? That is what I want to know. What the friggen hell?

And unfortunately the stresses of job hunting, and not having enough time (or concentration) to study, has been evident in my recent assignment grade. I am too ashamed to give any more details on this, as I was doing SO well before this job hunt debacle reared it's ugly head. So today is a bad day for me, and as I am in the shop alone with no one to vent to, it is appearing here, on my beloved blog. Booo.


  1. ahh I know the feeling. Keep it up you'll find one (well this is what I keep telling myself!) Nah seriously you will.

    Just keep blogging, I like your posts.


  2. Good luck with the job hunting Rin! I was there last year, ended up taking 3 casual jobs, and trying to finish 2 tafe courses. It's tough, but you'll get there.

  3. Thank you Claire! I hope I DO (and you too!) find one soon!
    Pheness, WOW 2 TAFE courses! That is mental talk! I'm sure I will find something soon, but WHEN was it this hard to find a casual/part time job?!!