Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Current TV series obsession, Sons of Anarchy. Current man obsession, Jax of Sons of Anarchy. Now I am not one to get all smitten over muscly looking fellas, but sheesh, this guy. Anyone of any gender that has viewed this program will always have the memory of Jax holding his baby for the first time imprinted in their mind. Won't they?! Maybe I am getting too involved...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

76. (skip to 6.06 for Marco's donkey obsession)

I am in love with the second half of this video. I could watch it a thousand times and still laugh my butt off. It has made the rounds at work, giving everyone a big giggle. 


Current happenings :: A slight obsession with Marco Pierre White, and all his sociopathic goodness, and good old Cyril Jericho O'Reily Hubbard the Scottish Fold cat who is getting bigger and wider by the day. Pretty happy he still has his constant surprised eyes though. And is mastering the classic buddha pose of sitting on his butt 24/7.


Well hello there! Yes it has been some weeks since I last posted here, but I am back and better than ever! I have been quite busy with the cafe I work at, Lowlands. We have been writing new menu's and playing with new coffees and all sorts of other jam making deliciousness. 

That is a photo of our new signage for out the front, a custom bike sign made by a Lowlands spouse named Lottie. Genius. 

We also have a rad retail section now, selling Aero Press, Clever Dripper, Tea Infusers, BYO cups and more! Not to mention the delicious beans we have for retail sale too. 

Other than that, Joe has been out gigging with his band The Bluebottles a fair bit, which is nice for him, and I have been making yummy dinners and drinking lots of tea from my giant new tea cup I bought at the supermarket. I kid you not it is bigger than a bowl of pho, with a handle attached. Good for when your snuggled in bed and just too cosy to get out and make yourself another cuppa.