Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I fear this may become Cyril's blog.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have been so caught up with work and looking after this guy, I forgot to post photos of him here! This is Cyril Jerico-O'Reiley-Hubbard, our newest family member. He is a Scottish Fold x Ragdoll kitten, and he is also the teeniest thing I have ever seen! Don't you just wanna SQUEEZE him?!



So, If I haven't previously mentioned, I have a new job. I run the kitchen at my local cafe Lowlands Espresso. Its a nice little place. The photos above are by my friend Clara who is the front of house manager. 
We have recently re written the menu for a more Autumn-y feel. The top image is of a dish from the Summer menu, Dench Brioche with candied pistachios & citrus zest, caramelized nectarine, mashed banana and micro herbs. It was pretty rad. 

The last photograph is of a new menu item. Avo on toasted Dench Sourdough with preserved grapefruit, fetta, lemon juice, EVOO and micro herbs.