Monday, March 28, 2011


This is our new family member Noodle. She is 1 year old, and a Russian Blue Cross. She is very cute, and very cheeky. She loves to head butt you for attention, lick your face and then attack you. So at the moment it is a little like walking on egg shells around our house. But that is ok.

The two cats are not yet friends, but this is to be expected. I will give it one month before they have to go  to kitty therapy. No, that is a joke. I'm sure they will be fine.

Once again, sorry for the bad photos, she is a very wriggly little lady, and it is near IMPOSSIBLE to get a photo of her where she does not look like she is going to eat your face.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


THIS is my new friend Mister Stray Cat. I think he is a boy because he looks very masculine. He sits outside our window and meows at our cat Blanket. Last night I managed to lure him into our flat. He does not like to eat out of bowls or containers, so I have to tip the food onto the ground. I think I love him. He is very muscly and strong, and when he rubs up against your leg and mews, he nearly knocks you over.

He has no collar and I don't think he is chippied either. Our cat miss princess Blanket does not like him. She wants to be near him, but then she hisses and spits. She thinks she is tough, but he has a big scratch on his face so I think he might be tougher than her. I will think of a name for him.

Apologies for the bad photos, he is a bit fraidy and I didn't want to use a flash and scare him off.


Also last week was my mum's birthday! We had a nice afternoon at The Union Hotel in Fitzroy. It was full of cider, chips, dips and good times. That is my little brother Max and my not so little fiancee Joe. They are talking gaming, drinking and I don't know what else. Naughty boys they are. That is Gemma Jones' foot. And that is my cider and sunnies. Yep. Nice times.


Last week I did a day at the photo shoot for my mum Pip Lincolne's new book! I took some happy snaps of all the good things going on. It was quite fun, quite chilly, quite sunny and quite happy. And that super caravan you see is Miss Betsy. She is rad. She was my trailer for all my quick outfit changes. But not just that, she was in the shoot too. A main attraction even. I ate a turkey baguette that day. And drank hot herbal tea.


My lovely partner Joe has an obsession with the carwash. It is not that he is a tidy person, or likes a clean car, he just loves the carwash for some reason. Generally we leave with a golden shine on the exterior of the car, and the inside looks like a teenage boy's bedroom. MacDonalds wrappers and chip packets, Red Bull bottles, empty packets of Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes and the like. But hey, at least we look good from the outside.


This is our garden. It is a bit messy, a bit colourful and a bit all over the place. It does not look like this anymore, now the weather has taken it's toll on all the greenery and flowers, and everything is dying and getting ready for a chilly winter. Oh well.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I really don't want to be one of those bloggers that puts up images of celebrity males they have inappropriate feelings for. But this is an exception. And I do have inappropriate feelings for Mr Matthew Grey Gubler. He is the genius-boy on one of my favorite TV programs, Criminal Minds. And possibly the most handsome male ever. If only I could find a picture of him with a kitten. That would be tops. The closest I got was him with a puppy. But it was a still from the TV show, which is not as good as a posed photograph. 

Some people have told me that I like him because he looks very similar to my Fiancee. I do hope this is the case. I do not enjoy having celebrity crushes with no explanation to them. I promise this will be the only time I ever post images of a celebrity. Promise. 


I wish I was doing more fun things. Like quilting, and stitching, and cooking. But alas I have no time. Never any time. Between working two jobs and studying and tidying my ever-messy house, I have no time for fun. It makes me sad sad sad.

By the way these are not things that I have made, just images I have found on my computer.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I stumbled upon this photographer whilst blog surfing. His name is Stephane Bienfait, and he is a French graphic designer and photographer. I couldn't find out much more than that as all information on him is in French! I just really love the photographic series that incorporates stockings. His photos are really beautiful.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


While I am on the topic of houses, and hopefully making the move to one, would it be so difficult to make it look something like these? Please? Thanks.


I am currently having an acute case of home envy. Wishing my home looked a little more like some of the above homes. Growing very tired of living in a pokey flat, and craving polished floors and a sun room. Not to mention some privacy!

We are contemplating moving to a HOUSE in Preston when our current lease runs out. But the only issue there is, that I hate moving house. Along with the rest of the world. I have been daydreaming of flocked wallpaper and picture rails, hols hoist clotheslines and a grassy yard. Maybe even a veranda!

Apparently Preston is the new Fitzroy. Or so I have heard. Which suits me fine, as I love Fitzroy. Or the "Fronx" as my mother calls it.

Along with moving house, comes the need for new furniture. Joe and I have been living in flats and apartments for the past 3 years, and have learnt to keep our belongings to a minimum. When we get our own house, that has more than two rooms in total, we will need some stuff to fill it with!

Oh Christ it's all too much to think about.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


This is a tribute to the suburb of Carlton. Tiamo, Trees and Mr T. What a cosy little place you are Carlton.


Joseph Hubbard is the frontman and guy behind the computer in the emerging Melbourne based music project silverdollarsunlimited. Barista by day at popular CBD cafe EARLcanteen and musician by night either on stage or in his home studio, Joe is not just a handsome guy with a chiseled jawline.

silverdollarsunlimied began in a brick shit-house in the now bustling suburb of East Brunswick, on the outskirts of inner city Melbourne. Writing and producing tracks with Ableton (fancy music software) on an old desktop PC formerly owned by his older brother, Joe spent endless nights composing the now self titled EP.

One PC dead, one Macbook acquired, one expensive pair of German headphones destroyed by a curios kitten and Joe has come a long way from that dodgy flat in Brunswick. He is now situated in a much nicer flat in Thornbury, with a home studio and plenty of electronic equipment at his disposal. Not to say that he is not lusting for the newest Ableton controller or the upcoming iPad 2.

He now plays regular shows, and hosted his EP Launch at 303 High st last month. He has also acquired a drummer, Jamie Scott. Joe and Jamie played in pop punk band Messablanca together in the late 90's early 2000's, and have reunited to form something just as poppy, with less out of tune bass and more electronic quirk. With the two undertaking weekly writing sessions and band practice, the first silverdollarsunlimited full length album will be out by the end of the year, if not earlier. The duo also hope to be on next years festival circuit. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open.

silverdollarsunlimited sounds like The Cure, Foals and The Postal Service had a threeway, and produced a very beautiful baby.

You can see, hear and buy the talented works of silverdollarsunlimited here ::


All photos by Grand Pa Shea of Grand Pa Studios Dot Com.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My friend Haydn takes photos. These are some he emailed me especially for this blog post. He is a nice chap. Do check out his website, for the rest of his portfolio. Because your worth it.