Wednesday, March 23, 2011


THIS is my new friend Mister Stray Cat. I think he is a boy because he looks very masculine. He sits outside our window and meows at our cat Blanket. Last night I managed to lure him into our flat. He does not like to eat out of bowls or containers, so I have to tip the food onto the ground. I think I love him. He is very muscly and strong, and when he rubs up against your leg and mews, he nearly knocks you over.

He has no collar and I don't think he is chippied either. Our cat miss princess Blanket does not like him. She wants to be near him, but then she hisses and spits. She thinks she is tough, but he has a big scratch on his face so I think he might be tougher than her. I will think of a name for him.

Apologies for the bad photos, he is a bit fraidy and I didn't want to use a flash and scare him off.


  1. I love that your own cat is called Blanket!!

  2. Ha. Yes. SHe is a pesky little thing. But very pretty. So she gets away with everything.