Thursday, March 17, 2011


I really don't want to be one of those bloggers that puts up images of celebrity males they have inappropriate feelings for. But this is an exception. And I do have inappropriate feelings for Mr Matthew Grey Gubler. He is the genius-boy on one of my favorite TV programs, Criminal Minds. And possibly the most handsome male ever. If only I could find a picture of him with a kitten. That would be tops. The closest I got was him with a puppy. But it was a still from the TV show, which is not as good as a posed photograph. 

Some people have told me that I like him because he looks very similar to my Fiancee. I do hope this is the case. I do not enjoy having celebrity crushes with no explanation to them. I promise this will be the only time I ever post images of a celebrity. Promise. 


  1. Nothing wrong with a celebrity crush, I say.
    Cute expressions, by the way,

  2. I love him too! Those first photos are rad.

  3. these pics are ace! you are such a nerd.
    Im gonna print them for my pin board ( or should I say inspiration board I am a craft/mummy/loser blogger)

  4. Oh golly I am glad no one made fun of me for my Mattew Grey Gubler crush. Yikes.

    He is just so handsome I cannot help but have Criminal Mind Marathons. Every Night. Ahem.

  5. he's definetely cute! you know what ads are the photo for?

  6. No idea Lady Luck?! But I do know he did one recently dressed as a tiger ::
    Check it out! Im a little too obsessed methinks.