Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am currently having an acute case of home envy. Wishing my home looked a little more like some of the above homes. Growing very tired of living in a pokey flat, and craving polished floors and a sun room. Not to mention some privacy!

We are contemplating moving to a HOUSE in Preston when our current lease runs out. But the only issue there is, that I hate moving house. Along with the rest of the world. I have been daydreaming of flocked wallpaper and picture rails, hols hoist clotheslines and a grassy yard. Maybe even a veranda!

Apparently Preston is the new Fitzroy. Or so I have heard. Which suits me fine, as I love Fitzroy. Or the "Fronx" as my mother calls it.

Along with moving house, comes the need for new furniture. Joe and I have been living in flats and apartments for the past 3 years, and have learnt to keep our belongings to a minimum. When we get our own house, that has more than two rooms in total, we will need some stuff to fill it with!

Oh Christ it's all too much to think about.

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