Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Current TV series obsession, Sons of Anarchy. Current man obsession, Jax of Sons of Anarchy. Now I am not one to get all smitten over muscly looking fellas, but sheesh, this guy. Anyone of any gender that has viewed this program will always have the memory of Jax holding his baby for the first time imprinted in their mind. Won't they?! Maybe I am getting too involved...


  1. Oh I agree on all counts! I don't do the muscle bound hero, but oh wow. I am way too involved, saving grace is that hubby is obsessed too. C'mon September and Season 5!

  2. Hey Rin
    Just discovered your wedding pics. Great ideas. I was wondering where you got your gorgeous dress for so cheap? Would you ever consider hiring it out or selling it to a local bride-to-be? (Am completely blog posting novice so please excuse if I have multi commented!)

  3. Hi Anna, I got my dress off a hideous bridal website actually! A few people have asked me about it, and unfortunately I deleted the bookmark to the website off my computer, but if you scout around Im sure you will find a similar one! I would hire it out, but it is totally destroyed and filthy after my big day, and I got it tailored to fit me perfectly so I don't know that it would fit anyone else! Sorry I can't be of more help!