Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Twin Peaks! How I love you so. Twin Peaks has to be the best thing to watch whilst knitting/crafting. But only if you have seen the whole thing before. That is what I have been doing over the past few nights. Drinking tea, knitting and watching Laura, Bob and Agent Dale Cooper play out the mysteries of Twin Peaks. I have so many favorite characters. Bob the freak night time man. Dale Cooper the quirky FBI agent. Laura the cryptic good girl-gone bad, Andy the county cop who cries all the time, Lucy the Sheriff's secretary who cannot keep a secret and lets not forget The Log Lady or Nadine who totes an eyepatch!

On another note, the past few weeks have felt very dull and depressing. Mainly because of not being able to find a new job. But this week (well since Saturday really) has been so so great. I cannot describe how good I have been feeling! Even before the job hunt debacle I was fine and happy, but it is as if I have found a new happy! I think forcing myself to be social as much as possible, and just being (half) unemployed has given me a new lease on life! And although I have not been studying (bad girl), I now know I have the time, and will be getting on top of that tomorrow and Thursday.

Anyway, enough of my positive can-do attitude, before I make you all vomit. I'm off to knit, drink jasmine tea and watch some Twin Peaks.

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