Monday, May 23, 2011


Today seems to be a really exceptionally good day. Who knows why, but the clouds have shifted and the sun is shining in my heart/head (not literally, and not in Melbourne either, it was very rainy and gloomy today).  I had one of those experiences where you go "bugger it, I am going to stop looking for work for a bit and just enjoy the now!" and guess what? I received an email back from a job that I wanted, which now seems promising, and got an Interview lined up for ANOTHER job! All in one day. 

I also got many many responses about poor Noodle the cat, and lots of people are interested in adopting her, which is also very promising and making me very happy that she will be going to a loving home, and our other kitty Blanket will be able to once again run free in our little flat.

I also had lunch with Clara of R&t and coffee with Robecca (who just learnt how to hyper-link!) of Sans Pareil! So, today, thank you very much. I love you. 

Embroidery pictured by Joetta Maue


  1. YAY! You definitely put the sunshine in my day! xxx

  2. Wooh! You are 42! Just like me!!!

  3. Wins all round! Win. Winning. Bi-winning. Sunshiny (or not so, weather wise) days! xxxxx