Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Over Easter, Joe and I went to visit his parents in Olinda (near the Dandenong Ranges), and after the giving of multiple chocolate eggs and many blocks of Greens Chocolate from Joe's mum Maggie, Joe's dad David got out his 1964 Pentax Spotmatic SLR camera, which he then lent to me! I was so overly stoked. I had been wanting to get back into analog photography (high school style!) for ages, but was a little worried about spending money on a camera and film and then realising that I was crap all along.

So this was a bit of a saviour. I bought some 35mm (400) film, which was cheaper than I expected and had a massive battle with the light metre. Finding batteries that fit, to replace the original mercury batteries was a bit of a mission, but I think I have worked it out now!

I am yet to get my film developed, as the place I was going to drop it into is closing down in 5 days and has no developing facilities! So I fear I may have to take my first roll of film to a REAL photo shop, and have them laugh in my face when all my photographs come out black!

Maybe on Saturday I will get the courage to do it. Another friend of mine named Freya has just got her hands on an old Canon SLR as well as a Lomo camera, AND a bunch of expired film. She very nicely gave me an expired roll of 35mm (100) film, so if a sunny day comes about any time soon, I will need to click click click away on the clunky Pentax, and hopefully get some nice grainy photos.

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