Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY! I had a pretty good day, but the celebrations really started on Sunday night. I had to educate Joe that as I was born closer to 6pm on the 7th of March, technically I only get 6 hours of birthday, which is not fair. Therefor we had a dinner on the Sunday night, as to extend the birthday as much as possible. Myself, Joe, my Dad and my Grandparents had an amazing dinner at Red Emperor in Southgate. Which is a super fancy Chinese fine dining restaurant. 

We feasted on prawns with XO sauce, chicken hotpot, tofu and greens and a whole steamed fish swimming in ginger and soy sauce. It was delicious. I was gifted my ace Nikon L110 Coolpix camera from my dad, which was super exciting. I didn't get around to taking any photos of the food, as I was a little distracted by how good it smelt and just wanted to eat!

On Monday, my actual birthday I awoke to 5 piles of cat spew, which was not the gift I was really looking forward to. But I cleaned it up with a smile and headed down to Monsieur Truffe
for breakfast with Mum, Cam, Gemma and Anita! It was presents galore, and I got lots of lovely things including a cute Wedding Planner diary from Gem and Anita, with bonus love heart paper clips and sticky notes! We drank coffee, ate croissants and truffles and had a great time.

Dad came to pick me up and we were off to the Zoo! Above are a few photos of my favorite animals, taken on my new camera. 

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  1. Oh Noodles! I'm loving your bloggy world of nicey! Let's write shit in that book! yeah x x x x x