Thursday, March 03, 2011


Today is a normal day for me. At home with the cat. Desperate to get some study done, but completely out of routine, due to a week of waiting for pre requisite results, and not having to do any school work. I am distracting myself with cleaning and cups of tea and talking to the cat, when I really should be focused on the computer screen (not blogging) reading study text.

  • Cat "Reow reow" (feed me)
  • Cat "Mareow reow" (play string with me)
  • Me "Leave me alone"
  • Cat "Reeeeeeeeeeow" (PLEASE feed me)
  • Me "Your dad (Joe) fed you this morning, stop tricking me"
  • Cat "Meow" (Fine)
After this conversation with my very demanding kitty, I check my emails (I am waiting for an email from my teacher, and have been using that as a big fat excuse to not study) and see that my lecturer has replied, and I am now on track and know what it is I am meant to be doing.
But, I still cannot apply myself. So I distract myself more with writing blog posts, and texting my Fiancee. I have a very busy weekend coming up also, and keep telling myself that it's ok to spend two of my days off watching Law & Order episodes back to back (that reminds me, I need to download the next season) and drinking enough tea to fill the bladder of an elephant, instead of doing school work.

This week I have 5 days off! Well 3 seeing as I am meant to be locked away studying for two of them. And the the other days aren't free for all days either.

This weekend involves a wedding on Saturday afternoon/evening, and a birthday dinner (for me) at Red Emperor on Sunday night, and then my actual birthday on Monday which will be spent breakfasting with Mum, lunching with Dad, afternooning at The Zoo and then a dinner with Joe. And I think I may just put off all study until next week when I can fully regain consciousness, and commit myself to my school work.

For anyone reading and thinking "How the hell can this crazy person put off school work, and not come out "Not Yet Competent"?" I will explain. My studies are all done online, I do not attend a TAFE or university, but do everything via correspondance. Therefor I can complete each unit in my own time, as long a I finish all 18 units (80 hours per unit) and 300 hours of work placement within three years. So I feel I can be a slack arse and put off studying for 5 days.

On another note, I did have to complete two pre requisite units before I could start the Diploma of Community Services Work. And I did so in record time, according to the teaching unit. And I passed everything.

That was a major rant. Lucky no one reads my blog yet as I only started it yesterday.


  1. Hullo Rin, What a lovely post. I am going to follow you. Yes, I am. You are bright, you are fun, you write about stuff you should be doing, but you are not doing, just like me. I should be studying too, but I am chatting and blogging and thinking about crochet. I also had no hair back last May. I started wearing skirts and dresses alot because I wanted to feel like a girl again. It was so easy to not have hair. Thanks for your lovely post and have a great day at your place today.

  2. Hello Hello. Guess what? We ARE reading you. But please keep ranting. Its entertaining for us and exactly what a blog is for. Right? Im looking forward to lots more! (Following right now)

  3. Hi Rin, I too am reading emails and blog posts instead of doing my online course, though my conversation is with my dogs as i don't have a cat! Best wishes for your course, let me know how you get motivated - some days i need all the help i can get!! And best wishes for the wedding planning too!
    BTW, Happy Birthday!

  4. happy birthday!

    and am loving what i have read so far :)

    kathryn (from singapore)

  5. love ur blog. am from mumbai india.

  6. Oh! Thankyou all! You are all very kind!

    'Joyce' - No hair is good and bad at the same time, I am very happy you like my little blog!

    Lesla - THANKS for reading, and following!

    Pheness - What is your course? I am not very motivated. I am naughty. I ALWAYS need help with motivation!

    Poetry Girl - Thank you! From Melbourne!

    Tessy - I would like to visit India one day. Thank you for reading!