Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am very excited to say that we have finally found a great jeweler to design my engagement ring! All these beautiful pieces are hand crafted by a nice young man named Zac, of Zachary Frankel Jewellery. I found him via Finders Keepers a month or so ago, and fell head over heels in love with the Faceted Rings (first image) he makes.

Joe and I met with him at his (literally) old school studio in Southbank last weekend and threw some ideas at each other. The final product that he is designing for us is AMAZING. I am so so happy. Made up of white gold and rose gold, it is a delicate yet quirky take on the classic engagement ring. I am also hoping that he will design our wedding bands a little closer to the date. I cannot contain my excitement of finding an incredible emerging Melbourne artist to design the one piece of jewellery that will be precious to me for years to come. Gosh. That was a bit soppy. Soz.

If you would like any of his jewellery you can find it at Glitzern or contact him directly through his blog. Yay for Zac!

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