Monday, April 11, 2011


So. I have been super busy and haven't blogged in ages. And I haven't had the time to find anything amazing to blog about. But this IS amazing, even if it is not a new found glory to me, it MIGHT be to YOU. The above are taken from a post by my mum Pip Lincolne, written after a visit to well known Melbourne artist Ghostpatrols gallery show. He is a nice boy that Ghostpatrol. And so is his partner in crime Miso. You can find both of their works on Ghostpatrols website.

Miso has a current show running at No Vacancy gallery space in the CBD. It is only on for two weeks (last day is 17th April) so you should definitely go check it out! The following week (21st April-8th May) at the same gallery, another great artist named Cat-Rabbit has her exhibition going on, it's all happening at No Vacancy! So go look! Have fun! Buy their stuff! Support Melbourne Art!

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