Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I really wish I could afford a DSLR. If I could, this would be the guy. The Olympus PEN E-P3. So cute, so tiny, so good for me. Calling all crazy (and non existant) loving stalkers - purchase and send me this (preferably in white), anonymously in the mail, yes?


These are some images taken by photographer Noel Smyth, of food/coffee on offer at Lowlands, my place of employment.

Flat White made by Ollie on Small Batch's Candyman Blend // Honeyed Eggplant with Labne // Apple Juice soaked Bircher with Poached Rhubarb and Labne // Aeropress served in ceramics

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Kitchen Wantings :

1./3. Anything and everything by Le Creuset
2. A complete set of Wusthof knives


Food Wantings ::

1. Marco Pierre White's Great British Feast

2. Simon Bryant's Vegies

3. Jamie Oliver's Italian (I recently bought this for a friend for his birthday and had a quick flick through. Some DELICIOUS recipes in there!)

4. Matthew Evans' Winter on the Farm

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Current TV series obsession, Sons of Anarchy. Current man obsession, Jax of Sons of Anarchy. Now I am not one to get all smitten over muscly looking fellas, but sheesh, this guy. Anyone of any gender that has viewed this program will always have the memory of Jax holding his baby for the first time imprinted in their mind. Won't they?! Maybe I am getting too involved...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

76. (skip to 6.06 for Marco's donkey obsession)

I am in love with the second half of this video. I could watch it a thousand times and still laugh my butt off. It has made the rounds at work, giving everyone a big giggle. 


Current happenings :: A slight obsession with Marco Pierre White, and all his sociopathic goodness, and good old Cyril Jericho O'Reily Hubbard the Scottish Fold cat who is getting bigger and wider by the day. Pretty happy he still has his constant surprised eyes though. And is mastering the classic buddha pose of sitting on his butt 24/7.